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Creating a custom package

Package structure requirements

For your preset package to be compatible with the Motion Bro plugin, you must organize the correct directory structure. Find out how to do it in this guide.

Additional options for package

In the Motion Bro plugin, you can use additional options to enhance your preset pack.

Additional settings for After Effects presets

Depending on the preset type, you can specify how the plugin should add the preset to the timeline.

Advanced settings for After Effects presets

Learn how to make your presets more flexible.

How to create an After Effects presets pack compatible with Motion Bro

Learn how to prepare your After Effects presets pack properly so it's compatible with the Motion Bro plugin.


How to make presets compatible with Motion Bro SFX Pack

Find out how to make your preset packs compatible with the special sound effects pack by the Motion Bro team.


Creation of the final MBR file

In this guide, you will learn how to save a completed package to a Motion Bro compatible file.


Terms of use for authors

Some rules for Motion Bro packages that you plan to share or sell.

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