How to install the Motion Bro plugin without Creative Cloud Desktop?

You can use one of the suggested options for installing plugins for applications from Adobe.

Installing with the ZXP/UXP Installer

You can install any plugin for Adobe applications using the free ZXP/UXP Installer.

Download ZXP (v4.5.1)

Manual installation

You can to install the plugin manually. To do this, please download the zip file below – it contains the plugin folder. Extract the plugin folder to the directory where the extensions for Adobe are stored.

Download Plugin (v4.5.1)

Previous versions of the Motion Bro plugin

80 thoughts on “How to install the Motion Bro plugin without Creative Cloud Desktop?

    • videolancer says:

      The minimum version of After Effects is at least 2021. Version 2022 or higher is recommended.
      The minimum version of Premiere Pro is at least 2022. Version 2023 or higher is recommended.

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hi, my transitions don’t work properly. Instead of taking the previous clip (first one in timeline) for a smooth transition, the beginning of the transition turns black.

  2. Paras Sharma says:

    my pc dosent show the CEP folder what should i do ?
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe
    (this has 3 folders)
    Acrobat Reader DC
    Adobe Creative Cloud Experience
    Adobe Sync

    help what should i do ???

    • Paras Sharma says:

      im so dumb , i didnt se the path correctly , no worries the issue is solved thankyou soo much for the plugin ❤

  3. Renato says:

    Oi, boa tarde. Baixei a extensão e deu tudo certo, mas a opção “extensões” em “janela” no Premiere aparece esmaecida/cinza, é um problema bem simples mas não sei o que fazer. Poderiam me ajudar?

    • videolancer says:

      Hello, you may have tried to open the extension before opening or creating any Premiere Pro project, in which case the “Extensions” item will not be clickable.

  4. RS says:

    Hi, I purchased Graphics Pack 2250 Elements from videohive a few days ago. I installed Motion Bro plugin 4.5 this week too (the latest ver.). My Premiere Pro and After Effects are 2024 ver.. It seems like all downloaded in Motion Bro panel, and I can see them by opening the extension tab but none of them can be used in the timeline. Error message “Unknown error while loading the motion graphics template” and stopping at 15% loading every time. I did Adobe Font deactivation (all installed fonts are deleted now), but still the same. Also “New Clip Not Found’ message appears too.

  5. uğur says:

    her güncellemede sıkıntı yaşıyorum güncellemeyi indiriyorum mbr dosyasını bulamıyorum. ürünler çok güzel fakat daha pratik ve kolay olmaması düşündürüyor.

  6. Jacques Cousteau says:

    Using Adobe Premiere 24.1 on Mac Sonoma, I installed Motion Bro 4.5.1 and the Advanced Premiere Pro pack. But when I place the License Key in, it stays stuck. Could there be any solution? Thanks!

  7. Juan Larriera says:

    Motion Bro plug in is causing after effects to crash, im on the latest version of after effects. When I uninstall the plug in it never crashes again. Is there a potential solution? I just bought the transition pack bundle and im not been able to use it yet.

  8. Master says:

    When I open premier sometimes Motion Bro Packages doesn’t show up while I installed. When I direct to the location Documents/Motion Bro I can see the packages that I installed but they didn’t show up in the ui.
    Can you help me with this problem?

  9. Aramixer says:

    I installed Parallax Tools in AE, when I try to “create”, I get the following information “The file you are trying to open was created with version 24.1 of After Effects (Windows 64) and cannot be opened with this version.
    See for information on updating your software”.
    Doesn’t work with MAC?.

  10. arthur says:

    bom dia, eu instalei o plugin no after effects e quando eu entro o after effects: nao esta respondendo, eu instalei 2 motion bro, e começa a fazer isso.

  11. isaac mamana says:

    bonjour je installer le plugin et motion bro et sorti sur premier pro mais on me demande d’installer un paquet et j’ai le pas dans mes dossier motion bro

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