Preset is not added to timeline in Premiere Pro

Check if the installed version of Premiere Pro is compatible

If you have problems applying a preset, first make sure that the version of Premiere Pro you are using meets the technical requirements of the current preset package. Usually, the compatible version of Premiere Pro is listed in the product description on the page where you got the presets package.

The current Project panel should be displayed

In the current plugin version, the preset may not be added to the timeline if the ‘Project’ panel is hidden. Make sure the ‘Project’ panel is visible. If Premiere Pro has multiple projects open in the same group, make sure the ‘Project’ panel for the exact project you’re adding the preset to is displayed.

Copies of the sequence appeared in the current Project panel

After the release of Premiere Pro 2024, some users began to experience a problem where the preset was not added to the timeline, and two copies of the active sequence (such as ‘Sequence_Name Copy’ and ‘Sequence_Name Copy Copy’) appeared in the Project panel.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Reinstall the preset package. This will update the necessary files with the appropriate fixes.
  2. From the Project panel, you need to remove copies of sequences. Also from the ‘Motion Bro Folder’, you need to remove assets with problematic transitions that were not added to the timeline.

20 thoughts on “Preset is not added to timeline in Premiere Pro

  1. James M says:

    Hi, Im having trouble placing a 3D pan transition or any transition on my video. I just bought the seamless pack and i placed a 3d transition perfectly without a problem then when i try to do it again it says Motion Graphics Template Mediaundefined And File format not supported.

  2. azhar says:

    Still unable to see in timeline, when i try to add. it says “The preset is uploading, please wait”
    After that i get folder. But not apply in timeline. I cant even drag and drop inside folder

    • videolancer says:


      It seems I have found the cause of the problem. Please reinstall the problematic preset pack; this will update the corrected script file needed for the preset pack to work properly.

      I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  3. Gauthier CROQUET says:

    Since few days, Motion Bro is not working. Every time I try to upload an animation from Motion Bro to my sequence this message appear : “Unknown error while loading the Motion Graphics template”. I really need to use it quickly but I really don’t understand where the error come from, everything is updated (premiere, mac, …)

  4. Jake says:

    I’m able to add a transition the first time, but I have to quit Premiere Pro to add another transition. Every. Time. I’m using Version 23.6.0 (Build 65) on Windows 11, 64GB memory.

  5. Ayush Arya says:

    When i went to apply the transition in premier pro, script alert pop ups and said “there is no sequence id for this project”, can anyone help me to fix this?

  6. Markus Freitag says:

    I suddenly have the same problem, that the effects are no longer added to the timeline. A few hours ago it worked great with the first two effects, but now it only generates the new folder in the MotionBro-Bin but adds nothing to the timeline.

    Yes, I read the help file and the Project-Window was open.
    I already did uninstall the 3000-effects library and reinstalled it.

    I work on windows on a 4k timeline with premiere 23.5.

  7. Matty J says:

    Hi, I just purchased the 3333 transitions pack and I’m attempting to apply them to my sequence and getting the error;

    Script Alert

    “select two neighboring clips or a cut-transition clip”

    This doesn’t happen with the motion bro free presets.

    Any transition I try add to my sequence I’m getting this message. I’m running the latest motion bro plug in and premier pro 2023 fully updated.

    What do I need to do to fix this?


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