Solving problems with Overlap Transitions for Premiere Pro

Transition only affects the second clip. Solution One

Perhaps the duration of the first clip ends before the transition ends. In this case, the transition effects have nothing to transform since there is no image.

Not good

Make sure that the duration of the first clip does not end before the transition ends.


Transition only affects the second clip. Solution Two

Perhaps you are using a single clip that consists of several footages. If you just cut such a clip at the junction of two footages, it will be a problem for the overlap transition.

Not good

Make sure the first clip is a single footage, with enough duration after the cut.


5 thoughts on “Solving problems with Overlap Transitions for Premiere Pro

  1. Kevin says:

    For me the problem was when I started a sequence that was vertical, for like a short. I couldn’t use many of the transitions except for Warp but I still had to do a work around for that to not look silly.

    What worked for me, was when I started a new sequence in Premier Pro I just select the stock selection for horizontal 60fps and drag my clip onto the new sequence, then cut, then add a power warp transition to the two selected clips and everything works fine.

    I thought to myself, since I have this open with the horizontal setup, let me now change the sequence’s settings to be vertical and reapply the warp transition. It Worked!

    For whatever reason when I initialize the sequence with vertical settings the transitions do not work right. they always glue to the latter clip instead of an even distribution between the two selected clips.

    I either have to do a standard horizontal sequence for my video or change a horizontal sequence to vertical after the horizontal sequence has been created for anything to work right, in this case short form video.

    Something has to be wrong with the plugin when it’s not expecting certain sequence settings, in this case vertical aspect ratio. That was the only difference I noticed anyway. Hope this helps in fixing this issue so I do not have to do this workaround.

    • Kevin says:

      It also seems to be the case that you have to transition two different media types. I can’t just clip the same piece of media into two clips and expect the transition to evenly distribute between the two clips, it has to be two distinct clips from one another for the transition to work properly.

    • videolancer says:

      Hello, thanks for the feedback.

      Transitions should work in both vertical and horizontal video formats. Perhaps there is some feature in your video project that causes the described problem.

      Could you please write to me here so I can help you figure it out?

  2. Desmond Fernandez says:

    Hi i am having problems while applying some of the motionbro4 transition presets between video clips.
    once i apply the preset, the script creates a sequence using the ending of the 1st clip and beginning of the 2nd clip right. What seems to be happening for me after this is the part of the second clip in the newly created transition seems to have a different frame rate as the original 2nd clip. untill the transition sequence is finished the video is choppy and once the video resumes playing the 2nd clip, it plays normally. Please help with this as soon as possbile.

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