Where to find a purchase code?

Purchase code for products from Gumroad

Immediately after the purchase, the license key will be sent to your email.

Purchase code for products from Videohive

  1. Log in to your videohive.net account from which the purchase was made.
  2. Go to download section.
  3. Click the “Download” button on the purchased product and select “License certificate & purchase code.”
  4. In the downloaded file, you will find your purchase code.

35 thoughts on “Where to find a purchase code?

  1. max says:

    Hi. I download free pack Basic transition for premier pro and licensce key not working “Purchase code was not found on Gumroad.” Can you help me witch this ? By the way i choose Stretch – Transitions for Premiere Pro but when i click “download link” The name is changing to Basic transition for premier pro. Mayby this is the problem?

    • videolancer says:

      Hello, thanks for noticing this problem. Indeed, another product was added by mistake. This has now been fixed. Please refresh the product page and try downloading again.

  2. mortada says:

    this is the scond time I purchs from your prodcts but its fails to activate so many and complicated and time consuming steps

  3. Daniel B says:

    Hello, I have several Presets that I bought some time ago and I bought the Motion Bro Bundle for After Effects – 5000 Transitions today. I updated from motion bro 3 to 4 and reinstalled everything as needed, but when I put in the Punchase codes it doesn’t work.

  4. daniel says:

    I purchased the Motion Bro Sound FX Pack for commercial use. But the license key didn’t come. Only the receipt arrived. Please send me an email.

  5. טל סיגרון says:

    I can’t confirm the code, even though I did everything as requested, and it still says “Purchase code was not found on Envato”.

  6. Bob Aiese says:

    I am trying to find my activation code to update my After Effects Presets for Motion Bro (5). The email I have allows me to see the invoice but it is not showing my code. Is there someplace else I can go to find it? Thanks, in advance.

  7. Fabian Niño says:

    I have Videolancer’s Transitions | Original Seamless Transitions Pack since a while, I bougth in envato, I had to format my PC, before I can use several packages, and noppw I’m trying to reinstal but my activation code is not working

  8. Nilesh kamble says:

    i download Advanced Premiere Pro Package Activation from gumroad so now i need a purchase code for the package. please give me a purchase code

  9. Nilesh kamble says:

    i download Advanced Premiere Pro Package Activation from gumroad so now i need a purchase code for the package

  10. Samir says:

    when i download Advanced Premiere Pro from gumroad so only one file is downloading and that is .mbr file.there is not key but when i install on plugin it ask for key so how can i find?

  11. Youaan says:

    reinstalled windows the license key is not appearing in my mail only two sections invoice and download it was there last time now its not even if I buy it again on gumroad (free preset) it doesn’t send me the key

    • videolancer says:

      The free package you mentioned does not require a purchase code. If you are using an older version for Motion Bro 3, you can find the purchase code in a text file inside the ZIP file.

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