AE Face Tools now supports 3D models

In After Effects version 2024.1, the Adobe developers added direct import of 3D models. Using these new features, we have updated our AE Face Tools preset pack, and now you can quickly attach any 3D mask or 3D head to a face in your video. Find out more in the video review.

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What’s new?

Below are several examples of attaching a 3D model to a face. Our video tutorial also reviews all these examples in detail.

Simple Model presets

The easiest way to attach a 3D model to a face without unnecessary complications is to use a model that completely covers the character’s face or head. Apply the “Simple Model” preset and all you have to do is replace the default 3D model with yours.

Split Single Model presets

If you are using a 3D model that may be partially overlapped by the character’s body or head, use the “Split Single Model” preset. This preset splits your model into two parts. The front part is located above the character, and the back part is located behind.

Two Halves Model presets

In cases where your model is something like a helmet with translucent parts, use the “Two Halves Model” preset. This preset is a little more difficult to use because you will need to actually split your 3D model into two halves. This cannot be done directly in After Effects, so you will need some kind of 3D editor, such as the free Blender.

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