Motion Bro 4.3.2 – Important plugin update

If you are using the Motion Bro plugin version 4.0.4 or lower, we recommend updating to the latest version as we have made some important improvements. Here are some improvements and fixes that have been added:

Aability to add a preset to Favorites

Now you can add the preset you like to Favorites. To do this, click on the star icon in the upper right corner of the preset thumbnail. To display favorite presets, go to the search bar and switch on Favorites

Preview mode switch

You can now disable automatic playback of all previews in the selected preset category. When autoplay is disabled, the preview will play when you hover over the preset thumbnail. This can be convenient to focus on a specific preset and will also improve performance.

Simplified package installation

We have simplified the process of installing packages a little by reducing the number of steps. You can now install the package by dropping the file into the plugin window, without having to open the installation window.

Optimized performance for previews

We have optimized the process of playing sounds from the Motion Bro sound package, due to which the performance of video preview presets has been improved.

Preview plays from the beginning on hover

We fixed an issue where, in order to watch a preview video again, you had to wait until it played completely. Now the preview starts playing from the beginning when you hover the preset thumbnail.

Full changelog

7 thoughts on “Motion Bro 4.3.2 – Important plugin update

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  2. ryan says:

    will this also fix the error im getting on my effects that say “will need gpu acceleration”?

    because its on in my settings already

  3. Максим says:

    Установил обновленный плагин Motion Bro 4.4.0, скачал обновленный пакет: Videolancer’s Transitions for After Effects, при попытке его установить, программа выдает вот такое сообщение: “Wrong extension. Allowed only .mbr files”
    В чем проблема?

  4. mohammed saeed says:

    Very good and thank you for these wonderful efforts and continuous work and I would like to be a user of these great effects

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