Motion Bro 4 – release of a new version of the plugin for After Effects & Premiere Pro

If you are still using the old version of Motion Bro 3, which has not been updated since 2021, please install the new 4th version as soon as possible. In the new Motion Bro, we fixed the shortcomings of the previous version and also added many new improvements. In fact, this is not an update of the old version, but a completely new plugin made from scratch.

Installing packages via drag and drop

We recognize how confusing the installation of the package was in the previous version, and now we have fixed it. For the new version of the plugin, the preset packs are packed into a single file with the MBR extension. To install a package, simply drag and drop the MBR file into the plugin panel.

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New UI

We have updated the interface to make it even more user friendly. 

Among other improvements, we now use MP4 files instead of GIFs for video previews. This allows you to increase the preview size so you can see each preset in more detail.

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Motion Bro Store

We have completely changed the “Store” section in the plugin panel. Here you can discover all available official products from the Motion Bro team.

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Motion Bro Sound FX Pack

In our old seamless transition packs, every preset included a sound effect. It was convenient, but there was no variety, and you could only choose one sound style. Now, we have created a special Motion Bro Sound FX Pack that includes more than fifty different sound styles. You can easily choose the appropriate style, and by clicking “Apply,” the preset will be added along with the corresponding sound effect.

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Improved compatibility with Premiere Pro

Most of the transition packs that were only available for the After Effects version are now fully compatible with Premiere Pro. And these are not just similar transitions made from standard Premiere Pro effects, now they are full-fledged clones, with the same quality and with the same controllers that are in After Effects.

Products for Premiere Pro

Thousands of new transitions

We spent over a year creating new transition packs so you can make your video more professional in a few clicks. Choose between free and premium packages in our new store and keep making your amazing video content.

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Become an author

Do you want to create the Motion Bro compatible package for sale or just for easy use in your video projects? Well, check out the step-by-step guide and create your own package! It’s absolutely free and we won’t charge you any fees.

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29 thoughts on “Motion Bro 4 – release of a new version of the plugin for After Effects & Premiere Pro

  1. Moustafa says:

    Salut tout le monde , j’ai eu un souci avec le plugin motion bro. Après avoir installé manuellement , j’appuie sur fenêtre l’extension apparaît mais dès que je clique dessus rien ne s’affiche. J’ai première pro 2023. Merçi pour vos réponses.

  2. Wojt says:

    I’ve recently updated Motion Bro to 4.3.2, and suddenly “compact” and “sound” options are gone. Plus all paid Videolancer Transitions (updated to most recent version), after adding to a timeline are soundless – no sfx and inactive audio icon on AE timeline. Please help 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    I’m using the latest motion bro plugin in AE. After I opened the new version my transition packs were gone. I was able to easily re-install one of my transition packs by dragging the .mbr file into the app when prompted, but after it was installed I was not given this prompt again and can’t find the option anywhere else in the app. I have many more .mbr files I want to add, how do I add the rest?

  4. Dan Fletcher says:

    I installed the new Motion Bro plugin, and the updated Toko Graphics Pack, and it previews in the Adobe Pemiere Motion Bros plugin like it should, but then gives me the error ‘New Script Clip not found’ whenever I try to select an effect. Is this pack not compatible with the new Motion Bro 4 interface? I have Adobe Premiere 2023 and everything. The website for the plugin is Please let me know by email if you have a solution to my problem.


  5. Angel says:

    What do I do for a purchase code for Free presets? I keep getting a popup to ¨Check Code¨ but nowhere on the downloaded files or the email confirmation did I find the ¨Purchase code¨ for these free presets.

    • videolancer says:

      Unfortunately, it is so. Because most of the presets for After Effects are created in version 2021, and for Premiere Pro in version 2022. Please update your Adobe applications to use this plugin.

    • videolancer says:

      Most of the presets were created in the Premiere Pro 2022 version and if we enable the plugin display in 2021, the presets will not work. Please update to Premiere Pro 2022 or higher.

  6. Yossi says:

    will the packages I’ve purchased before still be available to me to use with the new plugin or do I need to purchase them again?
    (I have purchased the videolancers transition pack in the past)

  7. Ahmad says:

    My love towards you guys ain’t enough. I’m finally happy to see you back. I have been waiting for a very, very long time.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing. I can’t wait to try your new transitions and other stuff.

  8. videolancer says:

    Hello, I ask you to wait for the reviewer to approve the updated version of the package on You will receive a notification as soon as it is approved. I just updated the preset packs on Gumroad and you can download them.

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