Adaptive Motion Design V2 – Extended version of tools for After Effects

The new version of the Adaptive Motion Design tools in After Effects is now available for free download.

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What’s new?

The user’s expression is not deleted

If the property you want to associate with the adaptive design system already has your expression, then now this expression is not deleted but, if possible, used as the “yourValue” variable. If your expression consists of different variables, then your expression is commented. This way, in any case, your expression will not be deleted, and you can modify it to suit your specific task.

Fixed Point Control for Vector Layers

When you change the composition resolution, After Effects tries to adapt the value of all Point Controls to the new composition size. This makes sense, but if such a Point Control is used on a vector layer or on a layer with collapsed transformations, it can break your layout when using the adaptive design system. In this case, apply the fixation action to the problematic point control.

The Templates – Special Bonus for Donators

Adaptive Motion Design is a free tool, but we decided to add a nice bonus for those who financially support the Motion Bro project. Now, a special extended version, which includes the “Templates” category, is available for all donators. This category will collect various ready-made layouts related to the adaptive design system. As a pilot version of the bonus, we added an extensive collection of titles.

Each title automatically adapts to the width of the text, and you can customize all key parameters, such as color scheme, font, shape, stroke, fill, and so on.

Enjoy it, and let me know in the comments what other tool you’d like to see in Adaptive Motion Design.

Get Adaptive Motion Design tools

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