Customizing presets in Premiere Pro

Most presets can be customized after you add them to the timeline. You can quickly change settings such as text, fonts, color schemes, post effects, and more.

Depending on the preset type, the settings controls may be on different layers.

For presets such as graphic elements, controllers are mainly located on the preset layer. Select such preset and go to the Effect Controls or Essential Graphic tab to customize it.

For presets such as transitions or complex motion design scenes, the settings controls can be placed inside the preset’s sequence. Open such sequence, select the layer that is located inside the sequence and go to the Effect Controls or Essential Graphic tab to customize it.

11 thoughts on “Customizing presets in Premiere Pro

  1. Flavio says:

    I’m having problems changing the image of a motion bro preset, more precisely with Thyphografy Slide, does anyone know how to solve this problem? thanks

  2. Jimmy says:

    Love all these so much. Just wondering if there is any way to adjust the character tracking/kerning within any of the presets?

  3. Semyon says:

    Hi! First of all, thanks for your plugin and products! I have a question regarding changing the speed of transitions/graphics in the free presets pack. I opened the duration panel, but no matter how I change it, it has no effect on the speed or duration of the applied preset. What might be the problem? Thanks in advance

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