How to apply presets in Premiere Pro?

Adding a regular preset to the timeline

This way, you can add any regular preset to the timeline that is not a video transition, for example, footage, motion design elements, sounds, etc.

  1. On the timeline, move the time indicator to the frame where you want to add the preset.
  2. Select a preset in the Motion Bro plugin and click ‘Apply’. The preset will be added by the time indicator.

Adding a transition preset to the timeline

You can use this method to add a video transition between two scenes.

  1. On the timeline, select all clips and other layers you want to connect via a video transition.
  2. Select a preset in the Motion Bro plugin and click ‘Apply’.   

Setting the duration of a transition preset

Before you add a transition preset to the timeline, you can change its duration. To do this, expand the Duration Bar and select the appropriate animation speed by clicking on one of the marks on the duration bar.

38 thoughts on “How to apply presets in Premiere Pro?

  1. Melvin says:

    Hi I just purchased the preset and applied the transition preset onto 2 of my footages. But it just hangs and doesn’t loads forever. Is there a solution to this? On Premiere Pro

  2. Joe says:

    Hello, the paid presets I use are not showing on my timeline and is tells me “media offline”. how can I solve this problem?

  3. Andrey says:

    Hello! when I add a transition to the timeline, for some reason the color of the picture changes at the moment of the transition, and then after the end it becomes the same. The applied transition brightens the picture, and I don’t use any color filters!

  4. Ben says:

    Hey, when I try to apply transitions by selecting 2 clips that are next to each other on the timeline, the effect is wrong. I’m trying to use a warp zoom in and it does a hard cut to the second clip, then zooms into that same clip. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  5. Greg Pizzle says:

    these transitions cut up clips in my project and leave my project a mess. I really loved motion bro 3. These transitions look great but cause too many problems.

  6. Stephen says:

    Is there an easy way to remove the motion blur effect between the two clips in a transition such as the Simple Transform “Pan Left”?
    Second question, can you adjust where the transition hits, e.g. 50/50 between the two clips, or a bias towards one or the other?
    Thank you

  7. Ali Hatami says:

    When I want to apply the desired preset, I get the “there is no” error plugin
    sequence ID for this project
    Thank you for guiding me

  8. ali says:

    Hello, I bought the premiere pro transition package, I select the clips as shown, I click apply, I wait, but it is not added, the transition appears in the project panel. but it is not added to the timeline

  9. Dacian says:

    Hey whenever I try to apply the templates or effects it acts like it’s going to apply it but then nothing happens, please help me

  10. Bjorn says:

    Hi i updated to MotionBro4 in Premiere2023 on a Mac Studio, but i cannot seem to find the duration bar where it’s supposed to be.

    • videolancer says:

      Click here to expand the Duration Bar:

      In the next update, we will make this part of the UI more understandable.

  11. Renico says:

    Hi, I’m using PR 2023 and just installed MB 4.0 on apple M1. When I apply effect my Premiere says ‘this preset does not apply for Premiere Pro’. Any solutions?

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