Solving problems with color grading of transitions in Premiere Pro

Clip color grading in transition differs from original

If the color grading of your clips within the transition is different from the color grading of the original clips, check these solutions:


Check out the adjustment layers

Perhaps there are adjustment layers in the timeline that affect all the clips below it, and the preset layer was added above. Therefore, the adjustment layer does not affect the transition layer.

Not good

In this case, move the adjustment layers to the tracks above so that it also affects the transition layer.



Disable Auto Detect Log Video Color Space

If the adjustment layers are set correctly, but the color correction of the transition is still different, try turning off the “Auto Detect Log Video Color Space” setting. To do this, go to: Edit > Preferences > General

Changing color grading in original clips does not affect transition

If you add or edit any effects to your clips after applying a transition, those changes may not affect the clips that are inside the transition. To avoid this problem, try one of the following solutions:


Use an adjustment layer

Instead of adding effects directly to clips, add effects to an adjustment layer. In this case, the effects on the adjustment layer will affect both the original clips and the transition.


Use Nest Sequences

If the adjustment layer option doesn’t suit you, try placing your clip inside a nest sequence (Right click --> Nest…) before applying the transition. Now, you can apply or change any effects to the clip inside the nest. Apply a transition to such nest sequences and now all changes within the sequence will also affect the transition.

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