How to install a presets pack?

Installing a first preset pack for Motion Bro

  1. In the plugin window click the “Install a Package” button.
  2. Drag and drop a .MBR preset pack file into the plugin window.

Installing the rest of the preset packs

Drag and drop a .MBR preset pack file into the plugin window (works for Motion Bro no lower than version 4.3.2).

Activation of a paid presets package

Paste your purchase code into the popup window and click the “Check Code” button. To find out where to find the purchase code, please visit this page.

Changing packages installation directory

  1. In the top right corner of the plugin, click on the settings icon
  2. Click in the field with the path and select the directory where the packages will be installed
  3. Click the ‘Change Directory’ to apply the settings

Uninstalling a package

To uninstall a package, right-click on its icon and then, in the context menu, select ‘Uninstall’.

45 thoughts on “How to install a presets pack?

  1. Gabriel says:

    After successfully installing a .MBR package completely, I cannot install other packages by dragging the files into the window (nothing happens).

  2. eho says:

    I got the Motion Bro Bundle for Premiere Pro – 5000 Transitions, do I have to install them as mbr files one by one? Please tell me how to install all the files.

    • videolancer says:


      So far, unfortunately, there is no batch process for installing all packages, but I will think about how to add this in future updates.

  3. mr.lee says:

    Videolancer’s Transitions for After Effects pack cannot be installed because the MBR file is missing.
    Can I get the MBR file?

  4. Виталий says:

    Добрый день!
    Нет файла в .MBR, ранее стоял MotionBro 3, все работало нормально, как это исправить?
    -я покупал данный товар, а теперь не могу его использовать

    • videolancer says:

      Здравствуйте, скачайте пакет пресетов повторно с того сайта и аккаунта где была совершена покупка.

  5. Юлия says:

    Здравствуйте, я скачала его, но у меня нет файла mbr.. как установить?

    • videolancer says:

      Здравствуйте, пожалуйста поделитесь ссылкой на продукт о котором идёт речь.

  6. Dodda says:

    There is no MBR file to use with the free version for Premiere? I did installed it with the Adobe Creative Cloud, but when I need the MBR file pack, where is it?

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