Technical requirements

To work with the Motion Bro plugin, you must have Adobe After Effects, or Adobe Premiere Pro installed on your computer.

  • The minimum version of After Effects is at least 2021. Version 2022 or higher is recommended.
  • The minimum version of Premiere Pro is at least 2022. Version 2023 or higher is recommended.

Please check if your computer meets the minimum technical requirements for applications from Adobe:

10 thoughts on “Technical requirements

  1. CheoulDong Kim says:

    I can’t see the .mbr file when I decompress it after downloading the motion bro preset file. It’s a preret file that I downloaded normally, but when I decompress it, there’s no .mbr file inside, so I can’t install it.

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi I downloaded the version 3 before, but how come I can’t use it?

    Here’s the message, Preset packages for Motion Bro 3 are not compatible with Motion Bro 4. To continue using the previously purchased preset package, please download it again from your Videohive or Gumroad account.

    Is there a way to install the version 3?

  3. Brian says:

    Tried Re-installing My Motion Bro 4. After Restarting AE I’m getting a Uninstall Error message.

    Sorry, one or some packs seem to have been corrupted:Free Motion Bro Presets for Premiere Pro (Legacy)Glitch – Cut Transitions for After Effects3D Pan – Cut Transitions for After EffectsSplit – Cut Transitions for After EffectsDistortion Zoom – Cut Transitions for After EffectsPaper – Transitions for Premiere Pro

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