Link with Master Scene

You can customize the added Motion Bro preset, such as changing the color scheme, post effects, background texture, etc. If you add many presets of the same type to your project, then there is no need to customize each of them again. In this case, you can customize one preset, then assign it as a master scene and link the controllers of all other presets to it. Thus, changing the settings in the master scene, all changes will be repeated in all linked presets.

To link controllers do the following:

  1. Find the Tools category in the active preset pack and here click the “Link with Master Scene” button. If there is no such category, the Link with Master Scene option is probably incompatible with this package.
  2. In the Tools category, click the “Link with Master Scene” button. This action calls the window of the same name script.
  3. In the timeline, select the Motion Bro preset layer you want to use as the master scene.
  4. In the script panel, click the “Select Master Scene” button.
  5. Select all layers of the Motion Bro presets that you want to link to the master scene. You can also select presets added to other compositions.
  6. In the script panel, click the “Link” button.

Link Media Holders

Some Motion Bro presets include pre-comps for media holders. Usually, it is used to paste custom backgrounds or textures in transitions.

You can link a media holder from the master scene to all linked presets. Thus, if you make changes to the media holder of the master scene, all changes will be repeated in the linked presets. To do this, in the script panel, enable the “Link Media Holders” checkbox, and click the “Link” button.

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