Additional options for package

Supported options

In the Motion Bro plugin, you can use additional options to enhance your preset pack. The following options are available:

  • HTML Description
  • Demo presets
  • Links
  • Video buttons
  • Folder Icons
  • Compact name of categories and presets

HTML Description

You can use HTML files that will be displayed in the plugin as category descriptions. Supports the minimum required text formatting, clickable links, images.

For the description to be displayed in the plugin, create a file with the HTML extension in any text editor.

Edit your HTML file as shown in this example:

<p>Your description here</p>

Demo presets

This is preset that the user will not be able to apply. Such presets can be used in truncated versions of packages as a demo of the full version of the package.

In order for such a preset to be displayed in the plugin, create an empty text file with the name of the preset and the extension DEMO. In the “(Preview)” folder, create a preview file of the same name.


These are buttons with links that open in the user’s browser. 

In order for such buttons to be displayed in the plugin, create an Internet Shortcut file (.URL) in which the corresponding link will be indicated.

You can add preview files of the same name to the “(Preview)” folder so that the button is displayed with a thumbnail.

Video buttons

These are the buttons for which the preview is displayed after the hover. You can use it, for example, for step-by-step explanations.

Folder Icons

You can change the default folder icon to a custom one if necessary. 

To do this, add your icon.SVG file to the presets folder.

Compact name of categories and presets

You can make the names of categories and presets more compact so that extra characters or words do not take up space in the plugin panel.

To sort categories and subcategories so that the most important categories are on top, you can number them by adding a number and a dot at the end (01. 02. 03. 04. 05. …).

With this in the plugin, the categories will be displayed without numbering.


For presets, the plugin displays only the part of the name that is after the last hyphen.

Thus, a preset named “Simple Pan Easy Ease – Right” will be displayed simple as “Right” in the plugin.


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