How to make presets compatible with Motion Bro SFX Pack

The minimum required settings for your package

The Motion Bro Sound FX pack is most suitable for short animation presets such as video transitions. Using the sound effects from the pack is not recommended if your preset is longer than one second.

To make your package compatible, add the following line to the “” file:

motionBroSfxCompatible = true

Now that your pack is active, the settings panel will display this dropdown with sound styles.

Disabling the list of sound styles in a specific package category

If you don’t want a specific category to display the list of sound styles, add a “.settings” file to that category’s folder containing the following line:

motionBroSfxCompatible = false

You can learn more about the “.settings” file on the Additional settings for After Effects presets page.

Default sound style

You can specify which sound style will be used by default after the user installs your package into the Motion Bro plugin. To do this, add the following line to the “” file, which will indicate the name of the corresponding sound style:

motionBroSfxDefault = Sound Style Name

Sound effect corresponding to animation interpolation

Each sound style contains at least 25 sound effect variations with different animation interpolations, but by default, the preset is added with only one sound interpolation labeled as [Linear].

In order for a preset to be added to the timeline with the most appropriate sound dynamics, specify the appropriate interpolation in the preset name. The interpolation name must be in square brackets.

You can use the following names of animation interpolations:

  • [Bounce] 
  • [Cubic]
  • [Ease In]
  • [Ease Out]
  • [Easy Ease]
  • [Hit]
  • [Linear]
  • [Shake]
  • [Swinging]


If your presets are zoom transitions, the following types of animation interpolations will work best for them. In this list, the names are marked with numbers 1 and 2. It is recommended to use interpolations with the number 1 for zoom IN transitions and interpolations with the number 2 for zoom OUT transitions.

  • [Ease In 1]
  • [Ease In 2]
  • [Ease Out 1]
  • [Ease Out 2]
  • [Ease Ease 1]
  • [Ease Ease 2]
  • [Hit 1]
  • [Hit 2]
  • [Linear 1]
  • [Linear 2]
  • [Swinging 1]
  • [Swinging 2]

5 thoughts on “How to make presets compatible with Motion Bro SFX Pack

  1. LIHAO says:

    “Is there a video tutorial on creating custom preset packs? I don’t speak English well, and learning it is a bit challenging for me. Thank you.”

    • videolancer says:

      Hello, unfortunately, there are no video tutorials at the moment, but almost all modern browsers have an automatic translator. Please try to translate the page into your language using your browser capabilities.

      • LIHAO says:

        Yes, I am currently using automatic translation, but unfortunately, the translation is quite inaccurate in many places. It’s even a bit challenging for me to read. Please provide me with some other support. Thank you.

  2. Manish says:

    Hey I am Getting a trouble While aplly motion bro transition. when i use it, by defult transition sound effect voulume is very low cannot hear with vocal or background music. How can i Fix that how can i increase transition sfx volume. i want to tell you my background music is alrady at low volume

    • videolancer says:

      Hello, select the sound layer in the timeline and press the L key. This will open the slider with the effect volume setting.

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