Terms of use for authors

When creating and distributing your Motion Bro package, please consider the following:


You can:

  1. create your preset package for After Effects or Premiere Pro that is compatible with Motion Bro and does not infringe the copyrights of third parties;
  2. distribute your Motion Bro package for free in any way convenient for you;
  3. sell your Motion Bro package on marketplaces or online stores.


We provide:

  1. Motion Bro plugin “as is,” free of charge;
  2. technical documentation and tools to create a package compatible with Motion Bro;
  3. the ability to create your Motion Bro package without our approval and any fees;
  4. the ability to place your Motion Bro package in our online shop and the Store tab inside the plugin (only for preset packs we like).


We do not provide:

  1. services of reviewing your Motion Bro package for quality and compatibility;
  2. services to promote your Motion Bro package;
  3. API and tools to secure your Motion Bro package with a purchase code;
  4. any guarantees, and also, we do not take any responsibility for your Motion Bro package.


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