Advanced settings for After Effects presets

Resolution of compositions and solids from Assets folder

For presets that automatically adjust the design to the resolution of the user’s project, it may be necessary to change the resolution of not only the main composition but the resolution of any nested compositions or solids. To indicate for which assets you want to change the permission, add the letter S in square brackets to the name. That is, so: [S].

Keep a specified layer in effects that include a Layer Control

When layers are copied from a preset composition and pasted into a user’s timeline for effects that include a Layer Control, all specified layers will be removed from the list.

To fix this, you need to determine the ordinal of the required parameter. To do this, count down the number of effect parameters from top to bottom. In this example, the layer controls are numbered 4, 5, and 6.

Let’s say you need to keep the specified layer in parameters 4 and 5. To do this, add the word “Set” to the effect’s name and, separated by commas, the ordinal numbers of the parameters in square brackets. That is, like this: Set [4,5].

Now, when pasted into the user’s timeline, the specified layers will remain in the layer control.

Presets compatibility for Link with Master Scene option

If your presets can be customized, such as changing the color scheme, you can give the user the option to specify one preset as the master scene. The customization of such a preset will also be applied to all other similar presets. You can learn more about this option on this page.

For the plugin to link parameters correctly, you need to specify which controllers to link. To do this, add the order number of the parameter in square brackets to the effect name. If the effect contains multiple controllers, separate them with commas. For example, so: Tint [1,2].


Data for expressions about the user’s composition name

In some presets, for the expressions to work correctly, data about the name of the composition into which the current preset was imported may be required. This can be useful for linking parameters inside a preset composition to a user composition. In this example, the target point is linked to the Anchor Point of the preset layer via an expression using the user’s composition name.

To make a similar link, add a hidden text layer with the name [COMP NAME] inside the preset composition.

Now, after the preset is imported into the timeline, the user’s composition name will be inserted into the Source Name of the text layer.

You can link parameters using an expression like this:

compName = String(thisComp.layer("[COMP NAME]").text.sourceText);

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